Troy McQuagge is one individual who has proven to the world that the fruits of hard work are so sweet. This is because; Troy was recently identified as the Chief Executive Officer of the Year in the Gold category during the One Planet Award. It is one thing to offer your service to people while it’s an entirely different case to be acknowledged by the entire universe for the good work done. Troy McQuagge never imagined he would one day take the award in the Gold category considering how many nominees wait to be awarded. All industries across the globe are incorporated in the One Planet Award which proves that it is a great honor to be awarded regardless the category. Business enterprises be it small or big, public or private are allowed to participate in the award. Every individual or company would love to be acknowledged for the excellent services they offer as it acts as a boost.

As an executive leader, troy has been offering his services at USHEALTH Group Inc where he serves as the firms CEO and President. He has served the company for nearly seven years after joining the firm in 2010. When he acceded to the firm, he made a promise to himself that he would turn the company around to give it more profits and more clients. His drive of making USHEALTH better than he found it led to him being promoted to the CEO and Presidents position. When he was called upon as the chief executive officer of the Year during the award, he knew his vision had become real as he had made his firm better than he found it.

Under the leadership of McQuagge, USHEALTH Group has been able to record a definite increase in profitability margins. The company has grown to the point of increasing its shares of the health insurance in the market. Having more than thirty years of experience, Troy has been able to direct USHEALTH properly, and it could never ask for any other leader but him. His ability to offer solutions when faced with complex issues or work in any competitive environment made him the right individual for the Chief Executive Officer position. USHEALTH Group Inc continues to hope they will be led by Troy in the near future.


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