Technology especially the internet is revolutionizing the modern way of life. In addition to smartphones and computers, many other devices can connect to the internet and hence connect people from different parts of the world. These devices are collectively known as the Internet of Things (or IoT in short). Nobody understands IoT the way Jason Hope does. The entrepreneur, philanthropist, and futurist is passionate about the IoT and the limitless possibilities associated with it.

Jason Hope is an alumnus of Arizona State University and ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business. He earned a bachelor’s degree in finance and an MBA from the two institutions respectively. After leaving school, Jason decided to pursue entrepreneurship instead of settling for employment. Jason created his first company Jawa, a mobile communications company, which faired pretty well and encouraged him to take entrepreneurship more seriously. Jawa gave Jason a head start on other services such as marketing, digital media solutions, interactive software, computer & business information systems, etc. All Jason’s services are targeted at making the society better through the use of technology.

With the knowledge he acquired from school and experience from his business ventures, Jason is rightly suited to advise and guide aspiring entrepreneurs. In the business world, enticing business opportunities often pop up. Some individuals may lack self-control and jump on every new opportunity that opens up; in doing so, they neglect their main business agenda. According to Jason, this is a recipe for failure. Entrepreneurs should forget the notion that grass is greener on the other side. Other Jason’s advice to entrepreneurs includes nurturing business networks, believing in themselves and their projects, keeping in touch with referrals and market contacts, and focusing on positive aspects of business rather than failure among other invaluable advice.

Jason understands that some individuals are willing to become entrepreneurs, but they lack business ideas. Jason’s constant analysis of the tech world enables him to identify practical business ideas. He notes that at present, lucrative business ideas exist in internet marketing, SEO, and other social media associated services. Also, Jason has a grant program designed to help entrepreneurs raise funds for their business ventures. Jason constantly uses IoT devices to accomplish his daily tasks. For example, as a fitness enthusiast, Jason’s shoes are part of the IoT network, and they help him attain his fitness goals. Also, he uses smartphone applications such as ASANA that enable him to manage his projects.

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