Wise men often say that ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’ and Mr. Sheldon Lavin’s career history seems to agree with the saying. Sheldon’s career dates back to more than four decades when he joined the industry as a foreigner, but that did not hinder him from achieving all that he ever desired. Today, Sheldon, an 81-year old entrepreneur works at the OSI Group as the Chairman as well as the CEO, positions that greatly suits his reputation.

The history of OSI Group is filled with ups and downs that make the company that we know of today. OSI was an idea by the Otto brothers, immigrants who had moved to the US. The duo sought to establish a family business specializing in the meat market in the Western part of Chicago. The two brothers were talented in business, and it didn’t take time before their venture thrived into a great business. Within a short time in operation, the company had won the attention of many customers as the supplier of fresh quality products.

After some time the Otto brothers changed their business name to Otto & Sons as a way of allowing the versatility and growth nature. In the 1950s, the successful venture supplied grounded beef to the prominent McDonalds. Professionals often say that successful entrepreneurs are always concentrated on ideas supposed to trigger growth and OSI’s history is no way different. The two Kolschowsky brothers were seeking to expand their venture, and that’s when Sheldon Lavin came into play to give financial advice and help the business grow.

The new role at OSI Group greatly suited Sheldon owing to excellent reputation. Mr. Sheldon holds a broad experience in the finance and accounting sector. In fact, the successful CEO owns a consulting firm that handles financial matters. Sheldon joined the two brothers in running the business, and that’s when the business changed its name to OSI Industries. Sheldon was expected to provide advice to the two brothers for the sake of tremendous growth.

After some time, the two brothers retired leaving Sheldon with the duty of leading the company to higher margins. Under his tenure, OSI Industries has expanded into the international market. Today, OSI Industries takes pride of owning more than 70 facilities in 17 countries, where protein products, sauces, and vegetable products are made. Sheldon’s effort towards the company can never go unnoticed.

About a year ago, Visionary World Academy crowned Sheldon with a Global Visionary Award, an assurance that his involvement with the OSI Group was receiving negative feedback. Mr. Sheldon serves as the Chairman of the Ronald McDonald House. Also, away from office work, Mr. Sheldon is often involved in various charities such as The National Multiple Sclerosis Society, and the Jewish Charities among many other notable platforms.

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