Bridget Scarr is a well known creative producer and a writer who has been having an affinity in the development of compelling contents which extend across all platforms. From virtual reality to augmented reality, television content to digital content, as well as interactive exhibition. The audience of this incredible producer resonates with large audiences both emotionally and intellectually.



Bridget Scarr is as well a seasoned Executive producer who has over 15 years of production experience in television, adverting and animation. Over her extensive career, she has been responsible for overseeing the creative development along with innovative, technical production output of some teams on different production platforms. These could include in entertainment sectors, drama, lifestyle, animation as well as factual entertainment programs.



Her Development in Her Career



In 2010, Scarr became a renowned entrepreneur the moment she co-founded Zero Point Studios. She served in this company as the head of the production as well as a financial producer. This kind of studio worked on children TV contents which ended up on different stations across the world. Later she joined Pollen Creative Media, a company she worked for almost eight years. In this firm, Bridget was a partner as well as the managing director. The company had five employees with a capital of $10, 000, a number that later grew to over 500 employees under the management of Scarr. This number created an award-winning content which included advertisements and TV shows.



Currently, Bridget is the head of content development, partnerships, and strategy at Colibri Studios. In Colibri, she is involved with the day-to-day collaborates and development with other international partners, broadcasters, creative talents to bring each project to life.



What Inspired The Idea Of Colibri Studios?



In her previous career, Bridget worked as a TV producer who focused on bringing different ideas from different people to life. In her transition into the development and creation of creative aspects of content, the concept of Colibri studio was then born. The primary drive was to have a home for her ideation. All her thoughts can now be brought to a single common umbrella whether they are virtual reality, exhibition projects, augmented reality, digital content or even traditional TV projects.



On the hierarchy of organized artistic endeavors, Bridget Scarr does not only have the talent, but she also holds various titles in the production industry. Along with her business in Colibri, she acts as a cofounder in other multiple companies. Above all, Bridget is a mother and the head of her family who believes that a family comes first.


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