If you’re looking on sephora.com for a new conditioner for your hair, WEN by Chaz could be the solution. Bustle’s Emily McClure tried the product for seven days, and she noticed a few new things about the condition of her hair virtually every day.

The first day of the experiment, McClure said that she was pretty surprised by the fact that so much Wen product was required, according to the instructions on the bottle.

By the middle of the week she was getting compliments from her friends about how shiny her hair was. However, she did notice that when she curled her hair, the curls didn’t stay as long as they normally did.

McClure states that the WEN by Chaz Dean works best when it’s used on a daily basis, so it’s ideal for women who wash and style their hair every day. She also states that the conditioner works well for women who have naturally thin hair, since it makes your tresses look and feel fuller.



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  1. A few days into the using the Wen condition, Emily stated that her hair felt less frizzy, but it was also oilier than usual. However, she did state that she noticed a difference in the thickness of her hair. I also like the fact that http://essaymama.org/ could have gotten all that they need in a short while.

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