Tony Petrello is renowned for his excellent track of record and being the most paid profession. He has led various venture to their prosperous state. Tony Petrello currently serves as the President, CEO, and Chairman of Nabors Industries LLC. Its headquarters is in Hamilton, Bermuda. Nabors Industries Company operates as an oil drilling contractors. The firm conducts various oil services to serve the large market of USA, Middle East, and Africa. They also drill geothermal and natural gas. Nabors Company was started in 1968, and it has been leading in its venture up to date. Tony Petrello expertise, experience, and leadership skills have been an aspect of success to the Nabors Industries Company.

Through his excellent achievements as a leader, he joined Nabors Industries Ltd through a role Chief Operating Officer. After working for various years and showing his potential capability, he was promoted to become the President of Nabors Industries Ltd in 1992. Moreover, after working diligently and efficiently for eleven years, he was given the position of deputy chairman of Nabors Industries Ltd which he served for nine years. Tony Petrello served as the director of Stewart and Stevenson Company as from 2011 and director of Hilcorp Energy Company. Also, he served as a director of MediaOnDemand. Com.

Today Tony Petrello is working as a director of Texas Children`s Health Centre alongside being the President of Nabors Industries Ltd. He has been helping the clinical programs and research cases to address the needs of Neurological challenges associated with children.

Tony Petrello world-class expertise, strategic leadership skills, and educational knowledge has made him cut a niche and embrace every business opportunity that comes on his way and build success out of it. He has the real educational history. Tony has a major in Mathematics, a bachelor degree in Science which he received from Yale University. He also holds J.D degree from Harvard University School of Law.

He started his career at Baker & McKenzie law firm, and he dealt with the corporate side of the business venture. He served as the managing partner in one of the offices in New York.

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