The Traveling Vineyard is a company that allows people to have a great winery experience right in their homes through their independent consultants. This experience is available in over 40 states and is headquartered in Massachusetts and has many winery operations in the west.

The company have 21 different varieties of wine in different categories. They also have quality wine accessories such as wine openers, chillers, decanters and many more. The mission of the company is to allow people share their enthusiasm for wine with as many people as possible. They offer people an exciting and lucrative work at home opportunity and have helped many people make a living out of this very unusual idea.

For those looking to become a wine guide for the Traveling Vineyard, all they need to do is to have a passion for wine and pay joining fees of $174 to join their team. Once you pay the fees, you will receive a success kit of beginners and your two tasting sets. Once you start to understand more about the company and how it works, you can explore many other money making opportunities within the company. The only things that the company needs from their consultants are that they are good at socializing and market the products well.

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The best thing about becoming a consultant with the Traveling Vineyard is that there is no upper limit to a number of commissions that you can make with every sale. The commissions on their products range from anywhere between 15 to 35 percent depending on the volume of sale. The payment schedule is also flexible and is made three times in a month. There are many other ways in which you can earn money as a consultant. You can recruit more experts and receive commission and also get unspecified commissions for making bulk sales. You also get twenty percent off on all of your wine purchased from the company, and all expense paid trips for reaching sets milestones.

There are many reasons why Traveling Vineyard has been so successful which is relevant from their significant social media presence and the many positive reviews that the company’s experts. For people looking for a work from home opportunity or want to earn extra few dollars, this is a great opportunity. Since wine is a consumable product, the experts find it easier to receive reorders and make their job much easier. No monthly quota needs to be met allowing the experts to work at their own pace. Becoming a consultant with the Traveling Vineyard requires small capital to start with unlimited earning opportunities.

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