40% of the current revenue is being raised through the video marketing method. The method has been proven to be engaging, quick and entertaining than texting; in addition, it is easy to express a million words through a 60 seconds video than through a text. It has been proven to be the best way to promote a brand and express its original personality. Talk Fusion is the world’s proven firm experienced and handling video marketing very well. Apparently it has surpassed 30, 000 other video marketing channels.

A video has been proven to express instant gratification to customers than a mere text; it also attracts attention if it’s engaging and entertaining. According to research by Forrester Research http://hellotesla.com/arent-using-video-email-marketing/ a 60-second video is 1.8 million words. The firm has proven 20% increase in open rates for companies through video marketing. Video marketing is the recent and the most trending thing likely to be clicked to than long tiring texts which with the transformations many are not interested with. Talk Fusion has made this easy for companies by even coming up with more than 1000 ready templates for use by a company with openness to their editions.

Bob Reina founded Talk Fusion in 2007, and he is also the chief executive officer. Reina was frustrated when he tried to send a 10-second video to some friends but he couldn’t. He asked for assistance from technology gurus, and he came up it his first video marketing product known as video email. With video email, one can send large emails to a group of individuals enclosing videos. Talk Fusion has since then been creating innovative technological products which have been of great help for companies in the passing of information and marketing. The new product from Talk Fusion is video chats, and application allows chats through videos. Bob Reina has greatly promoted the sales in many companies; for companies with no time to come up with videos Talk Fusion already has made templates a variety from which firms can select from.

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