Arthur Becker is a managing partner at Madison Partners LLC. He is a prosperous invest and businessman. Madison Partners LLC specializes in real estate and Bio Tech initiatives. Arthur used to be the chairman and CEO of Zinio LLC, it is a digital news company. Apart from that he was also the CEO OF NaviSite, Naviste supplies internet technology services. After that he was a private investor in technology and real estate.

He had enough skills and experience in both Navisite and Zinio, this helped him in the foundation of Madison Partners. As a result his knowledge in technology and real estate kept developing. He has also contributed to new stage biotech organizations. Over the years Becker has noticed the economic opportunities that can be worked on.


Arthur Becker is presently operating on completing town estates on Suvillivan in New York City, he has also decided to build a home in Tribeca. Teamwork is one his strong suits and he knows how beneficial it can be to a company especially when respect and loyalty are involved.


Arthur Becker has always been enticed with biotech and what it currently does with cancer treatment. Critical thinking in the world of business is an important strategy especially with the kind of business idea you have, this has driven Becker to see how well it can coexist with his work and employees. As a result his association with his staff contributes to the success of the organization. He is also devoted to assisting young businessmen in developing their enterprises.


Being keen on the market atmosphere, having the skills and information of the business and being steady are the values he has always adhered to and so far he is a successful man. Madison Partner LLC has kept developing because of the abilities and skills the people have for the business, thus it is a great strategy that needs more implementation for the fruits of the firm. Therefore the talent involved in a business is that one should identify what drives him and what best he can do and as a result working hard on the talent.





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