Sujit Choudhry, as well as many other leading legal scholars in the world, wrote an open letter to the Spanish and Catalan governments on their crisis in the Catalonia that worked to engage dialogue for both sides. The main reason why they engaged in these letters was to have the governments act on the issue in good faith. Moreover, they wrote the letter to promote an open-minded capability to assimilate better business and constitutional rights in the industry. Read an additional article about the professor on

According to what they wrote on the letter, the scholars also asked President Pediment of Catalina to show his commitment to the Spanish task to ensure business and better dialogue for the two countries to coexist as neighbors. Sujit Choudhry and the team also believes that the best way the country can merge with these solutions is to arrange a referendum that will work towards seeking the desires of the people aboard. The team also asked the Spanish president to accept the need of the Catalonians as they will reflect it on the ballot during the referendum. They also asked him to accept the outcome of the people as they will reflect what their needs imply in the referendum. Moreover, he is also asked not to do anything that will suppress the will of the people.   More to read here.

The legal scholars also stated that the referendum is one of the constitutional requirements to help the people understand that they need a quest for independence through the Spanish order. In the end, the scholars will also state that their sides will come to an agreement that will create peace between the two states. The referendum will also state what the Catalan people want by the end of the day.  Read about his views on politically related issues, check

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In a letter that was administered by, the scholars state that it is in their best interests to win the people’s hearts in all parts of the government. The main aim of the letter was to promote peace between the Spanish and Catalonian borders. Therefore, any dispute between the two governments will be achieved by the end of the referendum. Otherwise, we will leave the matter to the European Union’s foundational appeal that will pave its way for peace.  For the professor’s recent timeline activities, click this link on

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