Several decades ago pen pals were a big concept. In the 80’s, long before the insanely popular success of the super information highway, there were dozens of magazines that had ads for pen pals.  Some people would eventually meet in person after years of corresponding back and forth through written letters. As time progressed, it would become quite evident that the Internet would push pen pal letters to the background.

Today, there are apps like Skout that may serve as something that that could be considered a technological pen pal shift. There are no more stamps to buy. There are no more letters to take to the post office. With Skout, people have the ability to get on their computers, tablets or phones and reach out to someone far away. Skout developers can’t really take credit for this experience since this instant communication has been around for years through chat rooms and social media sites. Skout developers can, however, take some credit for greatly enhancing the experience with the Skout Travel feature.

There are some great apps out there for communication, but Skout seems to be the only app that wants to keep pushing progress forward with this. So many apps have different names, most offer the same things: chat sessions and profile building. With Skout there is a level of communication that is deeper thanks to Skout Travel. This has become the app that has used virtual travel to connect people that make friends in other cities.

The great thing about Skout Travel is the experience that allows people to actually see the cities where some of these friends live. Skout has connected local people to one another, but sometimes the friendship is much further. A person in Seattle may be connecting with a person in Singapore. There are so many opportunities for friends to bond through the web, and Skout has enhanced communication even more with Skout Travel.

The fascination is real. Anyone that doubts this can simply ask some of the 10 million users that have already tried it. Something like this doesn’t reach 10 million people if it is not a good feature.

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