Mr. Sheldon Lavin holds a degree in Finance and Accounting. He has received several trophies and awards from different organizations in the word. Sheldon is the Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer of OSI Group. The company deals with food production both locally and internationally. He is the director and the president of the company since its establishment. He used to run an accounting firm, which he eventually dropped and decided to join food production and ended up being an expert.

Lavin is also the director of National Wildlife and Fish firms. He has served in the General Trustee of Rush University Medical Centre where he has garnered extensive knowledge in finance. He has also worked with Otto and Son Industry since the year 1970. The company later twisted the name to what is previously known as OSI Group. Through his guidance and leadership, the company has shined and grown into a huge international food industry from what it was initially. The company was under the care of his two sons who were the Midwest suppliers of hamburger to the McDonald’s corporation.

Today the company serves 60 countries and above with its products which are greatly received and valued because of their quality. The company made a milestone step where it has extended its network to countries like the Philippines, India, Japan, Europe, North America and South Africa among others. Sheldon is 81 years old today, but he is not tired of sharing knowledge and working for the betterment of this company. He is still disciplined, focused, dedicated and determined towards the success of this company. It is said that OSI Group has more than 55 facilities in not less than 16 countries.

Mr. Lavin is also a philanthropist who is selfless and dedicated to helping other people realize their destiny in life. In so doing, Mr. Sheldon has always been involved with charity activities including the Jewish United Fund, Inner City Foundation, Ronald MacDonald House Charities, Evans Scholarship Fund, and United Negro College Fund among others. Mr. Sheldon counts his biggest accomplishment in life to be bringing his children and wife together to be in a position to help the community around them and beyond. He has always set an example to them. Sheldon is one man with wisdom who is at the forefront of young people at all times. He has helped OSI Group receive many awards during his leadership.

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