The story of how Shaygan Kheradpir became a success in the technology industry is a compelling one. He spent his early years growing up in the country of Iran. He showed no interest in technology during this time. His father wanted to make sure that he was given the opportunities in life that a great education can provide. Therefore, he spent a considerable amount of his own money to send his son to a boarding school that was near the Swiss Alps. It was while he was attending this school that Shaygan’s love for technology began to blossom. He started to seriously think about the possibility of getting a job and making a living in the field of technology.

The great grades he was able to get while in boarding school enabled him to get accepted into many outstanding colleges. He was not sure about which one he should choose. Finally, he discovered that Cornell had one of the finest electrical engineering programs in the United States. This is when he knew that Cornell was the right school for him.

GTE was the company that first gave Shaygan a chance to show what he was capable of. He quickly proved to be an outstanding employee. He was always making improvements to various systems around the company. Shaygan was also willing to work late and come in on weekends in order to show his superiors that he was worthy of getting promotions. This caused him to quickly rise through the ranks and an unbelievable pace. He continued this trend of hard work and fast promotions at Verizon. This is when Shaygan cemented his legacy in the tech world. He made a number of key innovations regarding the way that employees work together that have been copied by many other companies. He also pushed for automating the company as much as possible in an effort to avoid paying people for jobs that computers can perform. You can discover more about Shaygan at

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  1. Shaygan was always very gifted in terms of academics. He was always near the top of any class he was in. He took after his father who was a doctor. It might have meant so well for the customers reviews to be pouring and that shows a lot of concern for the other team too.

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