Richard Mishaan is an interior designer with love for all things vintage. He is an incredibly creative person who is known for putting together some of the most exquisite looking homes. He has been the designer of numerous top-tier homes and has been featured multiple times for the work that he does. He is known for paying lots of attention to every single detail of the homes that he puts together. His unique style and the taste is what sets him apart from other interior designers, and puts him at the top of his competition. One of the key features of the interior designs that he puts together is his seamless blend of vintage pieces of furniture, coupled with modern art.


Richard Mishaan has an incredible amount of experience when it comes to doing the interior design for homes. He is known to be one of the most famous interior designers that are coming into the limelight now. With how much people go out of their way to buy the perfect homes, the demand for interior designers who truly create amazing homes is on the rise. Because of how many homes he has worked with, Richard Mishaan is excellent at being able to identify what kind of homes would suit his client, and what they would like their home to look like. Keeping their needs in mind, Richard Mishaan still gives its customers something that is unique to just him. His blend of vintage and modern art is something not a lot of interior designers get right, owing to how tricky it can be, but Richard Mishaan seems to do it effortlessly.


Richard Mishaan is also the author of his coffee table book. The book is a showcase of some of his best works while serving as an educational tool for people who are looking to get better at design or get into the sector.

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