Amazon has been so far ahead of the competition that they usually do not have to focus an ounce of attention on anything but themselves. Looking at it from a numbers perspective, Amazon has been comfortably ahead by bringing in 20 percent of all the sales in the fashion e-commerce market. That is quite an amazing feat, but there is one company that does seem to be making waves all of their own. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has been selling in the same clothing niche as Amazon, yet they have managed to sell $250 million in sales in only a three-year span.


Taking a more in depth look at this athleisure brand, you see that it is more than high-quality or the name of a celebrity that are driving the sales. Hudson herself says that she credits all the growth of her company to reverse showrooming and the incredible membership perks offered to her loyal customers. To be able to see these two features in action, we have to go to the Fablectics stores in the mall to really be in the position to understand how everything seems to be falling into place for Kate Hudson’s Fabletics.


When these women visit the retail Fabletics store at the mall, it is all about a unique shopping experience. These women don’t feel the pressure to be buying anything because the sales associates are not pushing merchandise. These women come into the store and just shop for leggings, tank tops, yoga pants, and can try on everything in the store without concern. Now the secret to the success of the company occurs when these shoppers eventually wind up at the Fabletics e-commerce store. In order to compete with Amazon, Fabletics fashion e-commerce market strategy is to allow these women to log into their accounts and instantly see everything they were wearing inside the store.


When you know the clothing fits you already, you tend to spend more shopping the larger online inventory. When you can select piece after piece, your active-wear sales skyrocket. Membership benefits at Fabletics also include your own personal shopping assistant, free shipping for online orders, and even discounts on the apparel. This shopping experience is designed to make life easier for the woman today is busier than ever. By the time Amazon makes changes to their membership plan, Kate Hudson‘s Fabletics may be too far ahead for them to catch up.

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