Billionaire Financier George Soros speaks on CNBC about the potential collapse on that he feels Europe will go through if they do not stop and do something constructive about the refugee crisis. According to Soros, people that are legitimate refugees should be allowed to go to their destination instead of being sent back to their origination. Other illegal refugees are going to cause issues due to the strain their numbers on are putting on the economy. Places such as Syria, Africa, and the Middle East are at war causing refugees to flee to places like Europe. This is causing a potential collapse in Europe’s economy and the potential for economic downfall.

George Soros was born in Hungary in 1930. George Soros began his life working waiting tables and as a railroad porter. Eventually, George earned a job working in a bank. He spent many hours contacting different banks until one gave him a chance. After working in the banking industry for several years he turn his interest to a brokerage house and became a broker. He learned a lot about banking, investing, and making money. Today, George Soros is one of the 30 richest people in the world. He is worth over 24.9 billion dollars. He invests in the democratic party regularly.

George Soros graduated from London School of Economics. He is now a Writer, Investor, and Philanthropist. According to CNBC, George Soros believes that the refugees coming into Europe are going to be the reason why the continent fails to survive. Financially the continent suffers because of the thousands of refugees that are entering the area illegally. These people are taking the resources set for the people of Europe and then these people are suffering. Medical expenses, food allowances, rent, and other items spent on refugees is taking away from people of Europe. George Soros believes that the people that are supposed to be in the area should be allowed to come into the area but the people that are running from war, poverty, and their own economic circumstances should not be allowed to drain Europe.

When a person grows up with the poor economic status they tend to appreciate the things they have more than people that get anything anytime they want. Someone like George may have learned to appreciate his wealth because he worked his way up the ladder to earn his wealth. People in Europe probably feel that they need to protect their own assets. The refugees that are entering the area are taking away from the Europeans. Until the refugees are sent back home to their own country they are a drain on the European society. It is sad that the refugees are running from the danger of war and are having to find shelter and safety in other continents. It is a shame that people can not get along in their own countries so that this would not be an issue. Read the complete article on CNBC online. George speaks out about the refugee crisis and issues Europe will face.