Richard Blair started Wealth Solutions in Austin, Texas, in 1994. The principles behind the company come from his mother and grandmother who were both schoolteachers. It is Richard’s goal to help clients bridge the gap between preparing for and living in retirement. Richard builds his relationship with each client based on three pillars.

The first pillar is to design a financial road map for each client. The purpose behind the map is to identify the client’s current strengths and weaknesses. While creating the road map, Richard also works to identify the client’s risk tolerance along with their best opportunities for growth.

The second pillar is to develop a long-term growth strategy. Richard visits with the client to see where they see themselves five, 10 or 20 years in the future. They then develop a plan to help the client achieve those goals. Generally, a person needs a plan allowing them to have between 70 and 90 percent of their annual income during retirement.

The last pillar is to make sure that the client has appropriate insurance to cover any catastrophe. Richard particularly encourages almost every client to get long-term health insurance and life insurance.

It is very important to consider the cost of nursing home care because the average cost of nursing home care above $54,020 annually in Texas. Most people stay in nursing homes about 2.4 years, but with advances in medicine that number is increasing. Even those who are lucky enough to never end up in a skilled nursing facility may eventually need to pay more than $43,358 annually for homemaker services.

Richard Blair Wealth Solutions has over 20 years of experience in helping families in the Austin area build their financial success. From his office in Bee Cave, Texas, he gladly meets with individuals and small businesses who care about their future.

Richard’s goal is to provide unbiased and objective advice helping an individual prepare for whatever tomorrow may hold. If you are a resident of Austin or the surrounding area, then make sure to talk to Richard Blair Wealth Solutions about your retirement plans today so that you can create your own roadmap.

Troy McQuagge is one individual who has proven to the world that the fruits of hard work are so sweet. This is because; Troy was recently identified as the Chief Executive Officer of the Year in the Gold category during the One Planet Award. It is one thing to offer your service to people while it’s an entirely different case to be acknowledged by the entire universe for the good work done. Troy McQuagge never imagined he would one day take the award in the Gold category considering how many nominees wait to be awarded. All industries across the globe are incorporated in the One Planet Award which proves that it is a great honor to be awarded regardless the category. Business enterprises be it small or big, public or private are allowed to participate in the award. Every individual or company would love to be acknowledged for the excellent services they offer as it acts as a boost.

As an executive leader, troy has been offering his services at USHEALTH Group Inc where he serves as the firms CEO and President. He has served the company for nearly seven years after joining the firm in 2010. When he acceded to the firm, he made a promise to himself that he would turn the company around to give it more profits and more clients. His drive of making USHEALTH better than he found it led to him being promoted to the CEO and Presidents position. When he was called upon as the chief executive officer of the Year during the award, he knew his vision had become real as he had made his firm better than he found it.

Under the leadership of McQuagge, USHEALTH Group has been able to record a definite increase in profitability margins. The company has grown to the point of increasing its shares of the health insurance in the market. Having more than thirty years of experience, Troy has been able to direct USHEALTH properly, and it could never ask for any other leader but him. His ability to offer solutions when faced with complex issues or work in any competitive environment made him the right individual for the Chief Executive Officer position. USHEALTH Group Inc continues to hope they will be led by Troy in the near future.


Every person seeks to have quality healthcare. However, high-quality health care services are expensive and usually beyond the reach of many families. It is this reason that has caused USHEALTH Group to come up with some of most innovative healthcare plans in the industry. The tailored programs aim at providing families with affordable medical services. This strategy has made the company one of the leading health insurance companies in the United States. USHEALTH Group has served over 15 million clients for around 50 years.

The company has been able to enhance their services because of different factors. USHEALTH Group provides family’s with medical coverage without the necessity of paying for the same. Clients only pay for the service when they are in need of the same. This innovative approach ensures that more families can be insured. These plans are 100 percent transparent and do not involve additional underwriting when one needs more coverage. In addition, USHEALTH’s services are convenient. The company’s customer care staff and field agents provide clients with services that satisfy their specific needs. At all times, USHEALTH has an agent on the phone ready to listen help clients.

Claims made by clients to the company are processed in an average of 10 calendar days. This promptness ensures that they are settled quickly as hospitals and clinics receive their payment on time. Swift payment makes it for different health institutions to attend to the needs of the clients. Customers can also choose to lock in their rates for up to 15 months. This feature is important for families that seek to plan for their finances in an effective manner. The company commits that it will never alter its rates regardless of market performance.

Moreover, USHEALTH family insurance services do not have calendar year deductibles. Absence of such conditions means that clients can enjoy quality medical covers as soon as their applications for the plans have been received. The affordable family insurance services provided by USHEALTH Group Inc. ensure that families can enjoy better standards of living, finance their kids’ education, and pay their taxes. Moreover, clients will be in a position to reduce their debts and pay for experimental treatment.

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Tammy Mazzocco is a successful Realtor in Central Ohio who sells residential real estate in four counties. She did not achieve total success overnight, but she did have lots of little successes all along.


Tammy began her real estate career by answering an ad for a secretarial position for a commercial real estate office. A whole new world opened up for her when she saw the income potential. After that job, she was a manager for a large condominium complex, and she worked there for seven years. He boss at that job encouraged Tammy to procure her real estate license which she did. He wanted her to assist him with some of his real estate projects. That occurred in 1995.


When she worked as a licensed assistant for a high-producing RE/MAX broker she had her eyes opened wide again as she experienced how a high-powered real estate office operated. In 1999, Tammy Mazzocco made the decision to go into the real estate business on a full-time basis.


Tammy is a person who takes advice, and there is plenty to learn in the real estate business. For example, when she was just beginning, she was so shy that she had trouble talking with people. One mentor suggested that she begin to purposely initiate the conversations and then let the flow go where it may. This was excellent advice because when Tammy saw how easy it was her shyness vanished.


The real estate business is a people business, and one of Tammy’s major principles is to always focus on the needs of the client, and forget her needs in the transaction, such as the commission at the end. This is evidenced in Tammy Mazzocco’s plaudits in the reviews she gets from satisfied clients who go on and on about how helpful Tammy was when they purchased their home from her.


Arthur Becker is a managing partner at Madison Partners LLC. He is a prosperous invest and businessman. Madison Partners LLC specializes in real estate and Bio Tech initiatives. Arthur used to be the chairman and CEO of Zinio LLC, it is a digital news company. Apart from that he was also the CEO OF NaviSite, Naviste supplies internet technology services. After that he was a private investor in technology and real estate.

He had enough skills and experience in both Navisite and Zinio, this helped him in the foundation of Madison Partners. As a result his knowledge in technology and real estate kept developing. He has also contributed to new stage biotech organizations. Over the years Becker has noticed the economic opportunities that can be worked on.


Arthur Becker is presently operating on completing town estates on Suvillivan in New York City, he has also decided to build a home in Tribeca. Teamwork is one his strong suits and he knows how beneficial it can be to a company especially when respect and loyalty are involved.


Arthur Becker has always been enticed with biotech and what it currently does with cancer treatment. Critical thinking in the world of business is an important strategy especially with the kind of business idea you have, this has driven Becker to see how well it can coexist with his work and employees. As a result his association with his staff contributes to the success of the organization. He is also devoted to assisting young businessmen in developing their enterprises.


Being keen on the market atmosphere, having the skills and information of the business and being steady are the values he has always adhered to and so far he is a successful man. Madison Partner LLC has kept developing because of the abilities and skills the people have for the business, thus it is a great strategy that needs more implementation for the fruits of the firm. Therefore the talent involved in a business is that one should identify what drives him and what best he can do and as a result working hard on the talent.





Lori Senecal is the Global CEO of Crispin Porter + Bogusky Advertising Agency (CP+B), in Boulder, Colorado, and she has been in this position since March 2015. She oversees this company’s worldwide expansion, she focuses on this company’s continued worldwide development, and she manages the direction of the company’s nine international offices.


Since being at CP+B, the agency has gained more astronomical prosperity. Their customer base has increased drastically. This is due to Senecal’s strong leadership, talent, and focus. And as a result so far, she has been recognized as one of the few “Agency Executives to Watch” in Advertising Age in 2016. Also, Senecal’s criteria and work have contributed to the company being recognized by the Advertising Age as the “Creativity Innovators of the Year”.


Her Previous work Experience


Senecal worked for Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal & Partners in the Greater New York City area from September 2014 to March 2015 as the Global Executive Chairman. She also worked for the MDC Partners in the Greater New York City area from September 2014 to March 2015 as the President & CEO. From March 2012 to September 2014, she served as the Chairman and CEO in the Greater New York City area for Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal & Partners, and as the President and CEO for the same company from September 2009 to March 2012. From July 2007 to September 2009, Senecal was the President for McCann Erickson in McCann, New York. Additionally, she was the Global Chief Innovation Officer from February 2006 to July 2007 for the McCann Worldgroup in the Greater New York City area.


As CEO and President for MDC Partner Network, she drove their strategic vision by deeply focusing on the company’s unique model. She also worked with the company’s partners that contributed to cross-collaboration, which in turn, significantly increased growth. Under the leadership role as Global Chairman and CEO for Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal & Partners, the company grew from 250 individuals in the company to more than 900 individuals worldwide. And as a result, she was recognized as one of the “Best Places to Work in NYC” on the Advertising Age’s list. Her exceptional work for McCann Worldgroup was recognized as well. She was recognized as one of the “Women to Watch” in the Advertising Age in 2014, and she was honored in 2013 with a Quantum Leap Award for innovation and leadership at the AWNY Game Changer Awards. And lastly, she has earned her Bachelor of Commerce degree (BCom) from the McGill University in Marketing & Finance

UK Vintners (of London) PLC is a wine company incorporated on 25 March 2015. It sells wine, beer, spirits and other alcoholic beverages, for instance, fine wine and champagne. The company has been operational for the past 2 years and at the moment, it has two current directors and one active secretary.

UKV PLC Wines carries five types of wines namely Bordeaux, Burgundy, Italian, Spanish, and Champagne, which it distributes different parts of UK. UKV PLC Wines has a solid social media platform considering the age of the company. The organization has Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram pages which are growing by the day. For instance, their Twitter account has 90 followers, and their Instagram account has 625 followers.

The company’s wine brands can be gathered on these social media platforms. One major advantage of the company’s wine is its quality. Most of the wine the firm sells is old dating back to the 1980s, which makes it excellent and expensive. Thus, customers buying wine from UKV PLC Wines enjoy quality benefits. Also, the UKV PLC Wines believes in excellent customer service, and this has been one of the chief cornerstones for attracting potential consumers.

UKV PLC Wines gives customers the opportunity to become part of its team tasked with marketing the firm’s products. The company hires and trains a dedicated group of wine consultants who guide people on the most appropriate wine or champagne for any occasion. Therefore, they earn real incomes through commissions and benefit from affiliations that have been significant in enhancing their sales.

Todd Lubar plunged into real estate business in 1995. Today, he is the President of TDL Global Ventures, LLC. He continued to master the skills and strategies needed to prosper in the industry. Todd also decided to help other people to make real estate their life long career. As he continued to refine his skills in the business, he learned a great strategy of conservative mortgage banking model. Todd has also spent his life in business developing the right relations with real agents, insurance agents, and other financial partners. The relationships have helped him to become perfect in his skill. Today, he has a strong and reliable circle of people whom he works with successfully to spur growth and satisfy clients.

Over the years, Todd has worked with Legacy Financial Group. He has the acquired skills in lending capabilities. In the process, he acquired great skills on how to broker loans to different investors. 2002 was a golden year when Todd launched his real estate business specializing in residential development through Legendary Properties, LLC. He experienced great success after selling over 200 units of family dwellings and other multi-family properties. In the process of making the strides, Todd developed the right relationships with financial institutions. He thus established a capacity to acquire $20 million as the credit to push his business to another level. For more info, visit

Successful Strides of Todd

After being in the business for 12 years, Todd identified a gap that needed to be filled. He thus started Legendary Financial LLC. The affiliate company has helped him to spur his business by increasing his business transactions to over 7,000. He has also invested in commercial demolition. He also got involved in automotive scrap metal recycling business. The diversification has made him know how to handle different types of risks and thus make his businesses immune from losses. Today, Todd takes pride in the many achievements he has acquired. He currently lives in Bethesda Maryland. He loves traveling and spending excellent time with his two children, as seen on his Tumblr page. Over the years, he has developed a heart of adding value to what he comes into contact with. He is also passionate about improving his personal value by becoming a better person every day.


How Karl Heideck Has Perfected His Career as a Litigation LawyerLitigation law is a field of law that seeks to resolve differences between private parties. This law field differs from the criminal law because it does not involve loss of freedom. A civil lawsuit comprises of a corporation or individual also known as the plaintiff. The plaintiff usually requests a judge to order a defendant to perform a particular action. When one party breaches the request, and the action leads to an injury or loss, a civil lawsuit may be filed.

Steps in a Civil Lawsuit

A litigation attorney usually represents the plaintiff. This attorney should have passed through a law school and graduated with a law degree. After seeking the help of a lawyer, the plaintiff can request for relief or damages from the defendant.

Attorneys, who represent the defendant and the plaintiff, are supposed to appear in court. The lawsuit may end when the jury decides to grant a motion filed by these attorneys. The lawsuit only proceeds to the pre-trial stage if the motions have been denied. During the trial, evidence must be availed to the jury. The jury is responsible for deciding the fate of the two parties when the evidence provided points either the defendant or the plaintiff on the wrong side of the law.

Looking for a litigation attorney in PA? Contact Karl Heideck for assistance.

Karl Heideck’s Professional and Academic Background

Karl Heideck’s Professional and Academic BackgroundKarl Heideck is an American litigation lawyer who earned his JD from the Templeton University’s Beasley School of Law. He also attended the Swarthmore College for a bachelor’s degree. Karl Heideck’s litigation expertise lies in developing solutions for dispute resolution, settlement, communication, and negotiation.

At the firm, he handled litigation processes such as acquiring personal jurisdiction and trials. Karl Heideck also filed motions on behalf of clients. Karl Heideck passed the bar exam and has been practicing litigation law for the last six years.

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Anyone who has previously planned an event knows that it can be stressful. To help relieve some of that stress, professionals in the field are offering up some of their tips to make the process easier.


The best way to avoid stress is to preplan and preplan early. Start the process about a month before the event will happen. Begin by deciding on a date and decide what the theme of the event will be.


Next, make some lists. Write down anything that is needed for the event. There can be multiple lists, or there can just be a master list. The system used can be tweaked to suit your own style and needs.


The guests will need invitations so they know about your event. Electronic invites are acceptable, but paper invitations have a different feel to them. The type of invitation used will be determined by how much time you have and your overall theme for the event.


Food and drink options for the guests should be kept simple to reduce stress. Finger foods work great for this. Make everything before the event so they can be set out easily. Drinks can be done the same way. Have different options to satisfy all guests. Create food and drink stations around the event to encourage guests to serve themselves. This will eliminate one role you need to play during the event.


Do not overlook the effect of party favors. As a thank you to all of your guests, it is nice to give them something to take home. This is where your creativity can shine. A homemade gift, a small plant, or baked goods are nice options.


The event planning process can be stressful and for anyone who chooses not to be involved in that process, there are professionals ready to act. One of those companies is Twenty Three Layers. Jessica Boskoff is the founder and CEO. She has created a team of highly qualified professionals that are ready to attack any event. Events should be unique and special that is exactly what they provide.

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