It is the contributions made by Omar Yunes to Sushi Itto that has managed to earn him the first place in the competition for the Best Franchisee of the World (BFW) that was held on last December 5. This was in Florence, Italy.

He was just 21 years old when he took the franchisee of this food of Japan. Today Omar Yunes is the proud owner of 13 of its franchise units that are based in Veracruz, Mexico City, besides Puebla. In fact, with this number, Omar Yunes owns nearly 10% of the franchisee units of this brand.

Obviously, Omar Yunes is very proud of this achievement. But he also realizes that he is just representing his 400 employees who are working in these 13 units. He knows that the award is a result of their hard and effort in managing the brand which has allowed them to innovate and win this award.

The 2015 edition of this BFW was a highly coveted event. There were people representing 34 countries who had attended this event. This included countries like France, Portugal, Hungary, besides Brazil and Italy. There were representatives from Argentina and Mexico too.

Even the parameters for deciding the winner are very different here. The franchisees are not being evaluated basis of their impact on the brand. Rather, they are being evaluated on the basis of their effect on the network. This would include aspects like how it influenced the network and to what extent. Besides, it also looked at the contribution being made to knowledge. Next was the amount of savings that was being implemented. The motivation of employees was another factor. The amount of invoice was also considered. Next were the improvements that had been proposed to the business model.

Diego Elizarrarrás is the organizer of BFW Mexico. He claimed that Omar Yunes won the first place in these awards as he had been able to manage change in the relationship between the franchise and the franchisee. This is something that is unique but is the need of the hour. It is this innovation that led to Omar Yunes winning the highest award.

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