Dogs all around the world have been flocking to their owner’s doors. They want to know and they want to know now what is up with the food they’ve been being served. They’re tired of the same bland brands they’ve had maybe every morning and evening for their entire dog lives. Some of those dry dog foods just don’t cut it. After all in a dog is the heart of a wolf. They want something MORE! Before they knock your door down with thier protesting and picket signs, serve them a bowl of Beneful! The name actually means “full of goodness!” and it really is good! The taste isn’t the only thing thats good about it. It is full of nutrients, much healthier for your furry pal than that other bowl of dry wheat oaties they’ve been getting. The name of Beneful and it’s meaning says it all! After all, who wouldn’t want to be filled full of goodness?

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