Mr. Armour is the current chairperson of the Capital Group Companies and couples as the principle of the Capital Research and Management Company, Inc., a subsidiary of the Capital Group. He also serves as the equity portfolio Manager. Having been in the investment industry for 32 years, he has a wide range of experience. At the beginning of his career, Tim became part of the U.S service and global telecommunication companies.

Tim Armour became part of the Capital Group, a company based in Los Angeles, in 1983. He was then named the chairman of this company on July 28, 2015, following the untimely demise of the then-chairman Jim Rothenberg. The experience that he had acquired in this field and his rich educational background made him the most qualified among all the potential candidates. He reaffirmed his commitment to involve every member to help achieve the company goals in his acceptance speech and more information click here.

He has a degree in economics which he received from the Middlebury College in Vermont, United States. He then joined Capital Group in 1983 as an intern and later secured a job with this company as equity investment manager. In his position, he was charged with the responsibility of handling global telecommunications and offering the private sector advisory management services and learn more about Tim.

As a way of expanding the portfolio of the Capital Group, Tim signed a deal with the Samsung Asset Management. The Korea-based company committed to working together with Capital Group to create retirement solutions for the people of Korea. Capital Group also promised to help Samsung advance its investment aptitude. Talking about this deal, Tim said that the two companies have enough assets to co-develop insurance and retirement plans needed by those investing with them.

He has also been generous with his words concerning the market selloff in September 2015. According to time, the United States markets got equitable respect in the course of the September 2015 market selloffs. He is also of the view that assessments got strained for some sectors and companies. This particular correction is, therefore, all that is expected according to Tim.

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