Darius Fisher, co-founder of Status Labs, recently went through his own problems with his company’s reputation after one of their CEO’s was caught performing questionable actions outside of the work place. This news story quickly went viral and in the most ironic twist possible a company built on managing digital reputations was soon found in their own pile of negative media attention. After a unanimous call for the former leaders resignation the company started the slow process of rebuilding their reputation. With new leadership in tow the company threaded itself with the community by helping local charities and giving back to the people of Texas. Then Fisher and his board implemented a few ways to recognized the hard work of his employees especially during the entire crises where their company was viewed so terribly by the public. They’ve increased their moral standards and are no extra careful about who they add to their team and hope to avoid another crises.


Darius Fisher co-founded Status Labs a mere six years ago and since then the company has flourished within the field of public relations. By taking the digital age by the horns they’ve managed to create an entirely new way to deal with publicity especially with the wildfire like spread of negative information once its online. Fisher’s leadership has grown his small company to a group of thirty-five employees, an advisory board with an impressive roster, and a few more offices around the nation.


Darius Fisher has openly spoken about the importance of keeping his employees happy with their job which in turn creates a cycle of hard work. He believes showing employees their hard work is noticed that it will create a ripple affect and make other employees work just as hard, if not harder. He’s also said that keeping employees in the loop helps a company feel more like a team rather than a hierarchy which is why he began sending out monthly newsletters to inform his team of changes and company milestones. Fisher is a Vanderbilt graduate and worked as a copy write before founding and launching Status Labs.

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