When Info Technologies became so successful that Inc. Magazine listed it as number 8 on their list of the top 500 businesses in America, founder and CEO John Goullet knew he had arrived at a major juncture. He and Gene Waddy, the owner and CEO of DIVERSANT Inc. discussed the great success that both their IT staffing companies had achieved. They arrived at the great idea of merging their two companies to achieve even greater heights. That is when their combined future as DIVERSANT LLC really began.

Goullet’s business was worth about $30 million in 2010. He is quite proficient in both the latest technology requirements and the best and most effective ways to run a business for maximum satisfaction of both the candidates he promotes and his clients who happily hire them. Both Waddy and Goullet are progressive in their vetting of potential IT job candidates. With DIVERSANT LLC, they will continue their policy of helping shore up any deficiency holding an otherwise great candidate from reaching his or her personal career goals. Most of their client businesses are in the Fortune 500 of list of most successful companies. Their clients are all very pleased and well satisfied with the level of fit the job seekers DIVERSANT LLC sends to them have.

John Goullet will continue with DIVERSANT LLC as the CEO. Together with Gene Waddy, he will build this top IT staff search company into something much more. They are constantly staying on top of all the latest technologies and the training needed by their candidates to more than qualify for jobs using those technologies. Along the way, both men are receiving guidance from senior business people who volunteer to be part of their Advisors board. Most of the people on the board are technologists with many different accomplishments in the IT tech department world.

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  1. It is all about the cluster of success to bring more success and John Goullet continue to excite and I want to follow people like him. Brilliant essays universe is offering something new and I know that one day they will see the reason to merge my company and even have better stellar.

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