Wen Hair is a line of cleansing conditioners created by Chaz Dean that is designed to provide a deep clean to the hair and scalp without the need to lather and rinse over and over. Regardless of the hair day someone is having, or the kind of hair problems they have, like hair that is dry, oily, or flat, WEN works for all kinds of hair. A writer over at Bustle Magazine wrote a review for the product and published it here.
Emily McClure is the writer for Bustle who decided to try out the sephora fig version of the product, since she has had her own issues with fine hair and has been trying different products for her hair for many years. Despite the other products someone may be using in their hair, WEN Hair cleansing products have been designed to work well with other products. It can take the product longer to work for those with very oily hair or other styling products already in their hair.

Emily McClure noticed how well her hair was taking to the WEN Hair product even before the recommended duration of use and quantity because of her fear of what it might do to her fine hair. She said after using the product her hair felt and looked thicker and she had less hair fall as well. In only 5 days of using the products she had decided it would be a permanent addition to her hair care routine.

Wen Hair website: http://www.wen.com/chaz-dean.html

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