Traveling Vineyard held their first in-home tasting of wine in 2001. The company has twenty-one varieties of wine sold in three categories; white, red, sweet and fizzy. This wine company also sells chillers, decanters, and openers. The pricing per bottle ranges between 14 to 25 dollars, and the wines have a 98% rating from guest satisfaction.

An individual has to become a member of the company and acquire the wine guide title then they can commence earning money. Payment is done three times every month on specific days and wine guides make approximately one hundred dollars per event. The wine guides also get incentive trips if they perform well. The Traveling Vineyard ensures that five wine bottles are supplied to the host and the guest for tasting. An informative session is also conducted on the fundamentals of wine tasting. Independent wine consultants are paid a marketing fee based on commission which is twenty percent of total sales.

The people who benefit from the Traveling Vineyard are those who love entertaining their guests in wine party. It is the perfect opportunity to purchase wine at reasonable prices as well as have it delivered to your doorstep.

The best method of making money is by hiring staff to work for you. This method assures a certain percentage of sales even from the people recruited under your staff. It is very easy to make money because wine is regularly consumed making it easy for reorders to take place. Traveling Vineyard has a wide range selection of wines making it appealing to different individual tastes. There are no quotas for monthly sessions, making the job very flexible. People earn credits for their tasting sets which guarantee that no money is spent on supplies.

The Traveling Vineyard is active on the social media platforms. They are informative and have a high response rate. Being part of the Traveling Vineyard’s business model is rewarding an it’s a simple framework that works for anyone who is committed.

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