The voice of the everyday people, it seems, is not heard by the government these days. It is for this reason why so many political contributors who have a vision for a better and brighter future for the next generations are trying their best to make a positive difference in the society through their wealth and influence. One amongst these political contributors is George Soros, who has been politically active in the United States for many decades. Even though he is not in the Senate or a politician himself, George Soros doesn’t mind being called a kingmaker, and rightly so. He had a long history of supporting the Democratic Party and has helped many likeminded political candidates and ensured their win by campaigning on their behalf and funding their election campaign.

Hillary Clinton, who is from the Democratic Party, was financed by many during Presidential big in 2016, but one of the biggest financers was George Soros. He spent around $30 million, an unprecedented amount, to ensure that the election campaign of Hillary Clinton doesn’t miss out on reaching out to the people who matter. However, even though Hillary Clinton couldn’t win the election, it didn’t dent much the fortune of George Soros or his enthusiasm to make a positive difference in the society or work for the betterment of the people. George Soros was vocal about his disappointment of Donald Trump getting elected for Presidency and his opposition to his reform measures and policies. Even though Donald Trump became the President, George Soros continued to oppose in full form and ensured that he put roadblocks in materializing many of the reforms that Trump wanted to implement.

George Soros says that there are many thought leaders influential people in the United States who should unite to help bring that much-needed change in the society. He says that the people who are blessed with the love and affection of the people, as well as the fortune, should work towards the betterment of the society for the next generations to come. And, it is why, even at the age of 87, George Soros is unstoppable and continues to be politically and socially active as ever. George Soros wants to make the difference can be seen in the fact that he transferred an enormous sum of $18 Billion from his wealth to the Open Society Foundation, which is a charitable foundation started by him. It has global presence and partnership with hundreds of local and regional charities to work towards numerous causes, including rehabilitation of poor people, women empowerment, opposing racism and injustice, fighting against inequality, freedom of expression, and more.

George Soros says that capitalism is slowly becoming a threat it never was, and it is something that the people, as well as the government, should be worried about. People these days are not able to speak their mind and press are being controlled remotely, which is a threat bigger than what Communism ever was. George Soros want that people who come to power are the ones who are determined to change all that to help people live together in peace and harmony.

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