FreedomPop is the only company that is trying to help people get a phone that is going to be functional for them. There are a lot of people who are going to be able to use the phones that come from FreedomPop because they are so cheap, and that makes the world accessible to these people where it would not be otherwise. There are not as many social services in Europe that offer phones, and FreedomPop is stepping in to give people the phones they need.

FreedomPop cannot make all its money just from the cheap plans they offer, and the company has to make sure that they are raising money from investing who are keen to help with the mission. The investors that give money to the company are giving money because they know that FreedomPop wants to expand, and RCR Wireless reported that the company has raised enough money to make it in Europe.

Moving into Europe requires a lot of network expansion that is hard to pay for, but the investors at FreedomPop are paying for everything now. The company wants to be the free or cheap service that anyone could use all over the world, and they are trying to find more investors every year instead of just offering more services. Companies that live solely off of profits are able to put out new services without worrying about expansion, but FreedomPop wants to make sure that it is expanding to places where people really need their services.

Everyone who is in need of a new phone can go to FreedomPop when they have little or no money to spend on a phone.

FreedomPop rides VC funds towards expansion

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