The boon in preventative health options is not slowing down. This is good news as people that practice preventative health generally live longer and are healthier overall. Some fear testing from previous testing common in years past.

A simple Life Line Screening is now able to unveil a host of unwanted health conditions. There is no pain, hard work, bad preparation steps and multiple testing times. It is easier than ever to figure out what health concerns may lurk in your body. There is a convenient testing site nearby. Call a representative to reserve your spot as soon as possible.

This simple health prevention step is an important one to make. With the versatile testing options, individuals can clear their mind of many unknown health conditions. Find out if there is heart or kidney disease, stroke symptoms, blood vessel issues, lung problems, certain forms of cancer, mental decrease, bone density scan, height, weight, AAA, hormone level problems, vitamin and/or mineral deficiencies and other tests as needed. Blood will be drawn for certain tests as well. Blood work results are available to the person at the time of testing. Other results will come to the person within 2-3 weeks through the mail.


The terrific benefits of taking charge of your own health is an empowering feeling. This easy to accomplish test takes little time, is affordable, offers detailed health information, assesses risk factors and relieves stress and anxiety from worrying over health status. Come dressed in a two piece comfortable outfit. Short sleeves are preferred, and wear comfortable shoes. A receptionist helps with forms, and a quick phone call can schedule your appointment time. The informative webpage gives more detailed information regarding each test and what to expect. If something unusual is detected, the tested person still can follow recommendations to ward off further problems.

Having a Life Line Screening is one of the most important things someone can do to prevent a health catastrophe down the road. While disease often is unexpected, most people are unaware that many major health conditions have subtle signs able to be picked up by these specific tests. Blood tests can indicated a myriad of conditions. These results are given to person who can share with physician. Other more extensive test results will be conveniently mailed in a private envelope right to a person’s home. Find out more regarding a Life Line Screening soon.

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