Marie Claire Magazine recently ran an article, which features an interview with the fabulous Kate Hudson. Hudson was asked to talk about the new expansion of Fabletics’ ahtleisure wear line, which now includes adorable dresses which can easily transition from running errands around town to grabbing drinks at your favorite bar.

Because the new dresses are made from the same comfortable materials as the breathable Fabletics outfit options, women will not have to strain to get them on and off, which makes looking fashionable and put together easier than ever for the modern day, busy woman.

Comfort is definitely key, according to Marie, who prides herself in helping to create trendy, top quality clothing options for women with a busy lifestyle who try to stay as active as possible. Hudson has certainly found a way to help women embrace fitness and incorporate it as part of their healthy lifestyle, which also benefits their families. Hudson sure knows how difficult cramming fitness into a professional and home schedule can be, as she is often chasing around to keep up with her kids yet remains actively involved in the operations, marketing and innovating products lines, which makes Fabletics the powerhouse that it is today in the fitness fashion industry.

According to Hudson, Wikipedia’s citations say that sheis also going to market a new line of swimwear, which is designed to be incredibly fashionable, comfortable and suitable to all kinds of athletic activities. Hudson says she is incredibly excited about this new development and thinks that the new line will be a hit with Fabletics customers, who have remained fiercly loyal to the increasingly popular brand since it first opened up shop in October of 2013.

Fabletics has almost been an overnight success story in the fitness fashion industry. As an affiliate of JustFab Inc., Fabletics was launched so that women could find high quality, affordable fashion clothing options on the market and has created quite the lucrative niche for itself in doing so. Racked writes that Fabletics was slated to provide trendy outfit options to women based on a monthly mebership program, which costs only $49.95 per month.

For that low price, Claire VIP customers can choose from a wide variety of complete fitness outfit options on a monthly basis and have them shipped to their door for free. Fabletics pairs outfits for its VIP members based on a lifestyle and personal preference quiz that members can take upon registering for the program online.

Fabletics continues to receive rave reviews from customers who love the convenience and quality of the shopping experience.

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