An expert in his field, Michael Zomber has been impacting historians and their work for many years. A cum-laude graduate from the University of Illinois, Zomber has several years of experience and is highly regarded in his field. Zomber is considered to be a strong force among historians with lots of knowledge about a variety of antique weapons. Perhaps even more impressive, Michael Zomber is an established author and a historian for A&E and the History Channel.

Originally from Washington D.C. Zomber has assembled a unique collection of antique armor. He has worked as a guest historian on several episodes on major TV. He has a unique knowledge of Japanese samurai swords. In 1999 he created a critically acclaimed documentary film called Soul of the Samurai. Zomber also has a prominent weapons collection which includes weapons belonging to figures such as George Washington and Simone Bolivar. His credits even include writing both a television series and full length screen play.

Michael Zomber has two children and currently lives in the Philadelphia area. Adding to his credits he earned an honors degree in Psychology. Furthermore he has spent time at the prominent University of California Los Angeles. His work has impacted historians around the world, and will continue to do so for some time to come.  Michael can be found on Facebook, and contacted through his film production company.

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  1. Imagine the start when Michael Zomber would have started this now, amazing career, in learning, no one would have known he could be this renowned. See for the most important reviews that will play a major part in the work that most historians have. To be honest, this field can be mixed with some of the most interesting controversies but it don’t matter to the winner.

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