Eric Pulier is a popular figure in LA, California and around the USA. He is a man of many abilities since he is a good author and also a wonderful business man. He is also known for his many projects to give back to society.

Pulier grew up in Teaneck in the state of New Jersey. Growing up, abilities in the boy were clear since he was involved in making computer programs as early as fourth grade. When he joined high school, Eric founded a company of his own which specialized in computer database. After graduating high school, he joined Harvard University where he studied English and also American literature. His authorial skills were also in play since he wrote articles for the Harvard Crimson where he was also an editor. He graduated college in 1988 with great distinction, a testament to the qualities he possessed.

Today, Eric Pulier has grown into a well-known person due to his work ethics and great revolutionary thinking. He continued his great career from college when he started a company called People Doing Things in 1991. PDT as the company was abbreviated was involved mainly in solving issues in education, health among other fields by use of technology. In 1994, he began yet another company called Digital Evolution which was an interactive company that later joined up with US Interactive LLC in the year 1998.

In order to give back, Eric founded Starbright World which was a social site to assist children suffering from chronic illnesses meet with others and share their episodes with the diseases. He has also been involved as a donor in many NGOs aimed at bettering the lives of less privileged. A member of the board for X-Prize foundation, Pulier is involved in trying to solve various problems affecting human beings. These are just some of the humanitarian efforts that he has been involved in.

Pulier is also committed to raising a family. He is a father of four and lives together with his family in Los Angeles, California. Eric Pulier has had several dealings with the government who call him for his expertise. In 1997, he was chosen to establish ‘The Bridge of the 21st Century’. This was a project for the Presidential Technology Exhibition that was held in D.C and attended by the president himself who at the time was Bill Clinton. Since then, Pulier has been involved in several government projects such as Al gore health care and tech forum and he also participates in the Clinton Global Initiative. Having established over fifteen companies in his career, Pulier has put in work to ensure he is the best in what he does. He is a true genius in every respect.

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