Eric Lefkofsky has created one of the few operating systems out there for the health industry. Doctors today have shelves of patient portfolios. However, more organized data is necessary in order to report statistics based on identified patterns or trends of a group of similar individuals who take the same drugs or undergo a very uniform treatment. The modern health industry already has an enormous amount of data. What is urgently needed is for all the information to be looked at collectively, then medical professionals can appropriately utilize the neatly packaged knowledge to provide insight for an improved treatment and more information click here.

Who exactly is Eric Lefkofsky? His net worth is $1.65 billion and is quite a philanthropist. Lefkofsky is a huge supporter in issues including education, health care, medical research, human rights, and the arts and culture. Although he has spent most of his contributions for the arts and culture in his hometown of Chicago, Eric Lefkofsky fights globally in the other issues mentioned. With the help of technology and his influence in spreading generous donations, organizations such as Human Rights Watch are able to progress. Lefkofsky is the co-founder of Groupon with Bradley Keywell, founder of Lightbank venture capital firm, and co-founder of Uptake Technologies. He has established Lefkofsky Family Foundation with his wife, Liz in 2006. It is a private and charitable organization that impacts Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago by striving for better living initiatives in communities.

It is essential for technology and health be paired to battle against grave diseases, especially cancer. You can follow Eric Lefkofsky @lefkofsky on Twitter. Eric Lefkofsky is a graduate of University of Michigan and received his Juris Doctor at University of Michigan Law School. He is currently an author for Accelerated Disruption as well as an adjunct professor at the University of Chicago. Lefkofsky also contributed to least 103 investments such as Udemy, Zest Health, Sprout Social, Uptake and learn more about Eric.

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