So many teachers are so happy about the convincing study the Stanford psychology professor Carol Dweck discovered on the power of a growing mindset so as to change the students view of themselves as learners. He discovered that when children receive a message that their brain are flexible and the abilities can be established and approach learning as a test that they are ready to grip. So many teachers has this message ringing on them and have waited for so long to have such type of classroom environment.


The ed-tech enterprise Classdojo is collaborating with Stanford’s project for Education Research That Scales (PERTS) center to rise five energetic videos on growth mindset offering the ClassDojo characters conversant to many students so as to help convey resources for teaching growth mindset.


ClassDojo capacity is to reach many teachers with the development mindset message which has made PERTS executive’s director to be so motivated. Their plan is to examine both and the teachers and the students who use the video previously and after to get an impression of how well the messaging works. ClassDojo started this strategy so that the teacher can reward students with positive points when they perform well or establish a new skill.


The implementation has since grown into a communication podium where the teachers can share photos, videos and text messages with parents about what the students are doing in class. ClassDojo main motive is to give communities of parents, teachers and students the control to change education from ground up in every tutorial room in the world.


Schools and classrooms has become the supportive communities connected by the common certainty that improves the education with ClassDojo. The organization is one of the wildest growing education technology companies of all time. Which is used and loved by lots of teachers, students as well as parents in over 2/3 of United States schools and over 180 other countries.


Class Dojo was founded in August 2011. The co-founders are Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don. It was originally sponsored in the ImagineK12 education seed accelerator and got a main seed capital asset through a sequences of investors such as Jeff Claivers, Ron Conway and others.
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