In line with its mission of modifying and improving the learning experience that ClassDojo offers, the company has collected $21 million in yet another Series B funding. By allowing proper flow of information on a daily basis and throughout the year, parents are acquainted with the behavior and experiences of their children. Therefore, the parents are aware of the agendas that will be discussed during the once-a-semester meeting.

ClassDojo’s co-founders and executives, Liam and Chaudhary, have confirmed that the funds amassed during the Series B financing will help in expanding the workforce and developing new content and add-ons to improve the experience of users. Chaudhary is optimistic that the new modifications will allow parents to oversee conversations within the comfort of their home and optimize the learning and social development process of their kids at school.

ClassDojo has helped teachers in ensuring parents are aware of the schedule of activities at school on a daily basis. Through the app, they can capture images and videos showing off the progress students are making in their academics and social activities. These photos and videos can then be sent to the student’s parent.

About Series B Round

General Catalyst (head of Hemant Taneja) directed the entire process of Series B round financing. SignalFire and GSV Reach Capital were the new angel investors. Since inception, ClassDojo has collected $31 million through venture funding and has graduated from the Imagine K12, a renowned education tech accelerator. General Catalyst commended ClassDojo for involving the major stakeholders of education (educators, students, and parents) in optimizing the learning experience.

ClassDojo: giving the education sector a new meaning

ClassDojo is an education app that allows students to develop social-emotional skills while establishing a unique way for educators, learners, and parents to communicate and share the events taking place during the school day via pictures, clips, and messages. Created in 2011 and situated in San Francisco, ClassDojo’s mission is to transform classrooms and avail an effective study environment to the students.

Currently, the company is among the most innovative and fastest expanding tech firms of all time, treasured and utilized by millions of students, parents, and educators. In the United States alone, the app aids the learning process in almost all schools. Additionally, the usage of ClassDojo has expanded to 180 other nations. ClassDojo’s team comprises of designers, brightest engineer, and talented educators around the world. These professionals have in-depth knowledge in charter and public schools.

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