Based in spirituality and personal growth the mission of the Kabbalah Centre is to inspire and create a personal connection to everyday life. The Kabbalah Centre can influence and create a sense of true companionship with each person who understands the ways of the Kabbalah. The Kabbalah Centre is committed to translating and publishing numerous texts and documents providing an emphasis regarding the Kabbalah’s teachings. The Kabbalah Centre believes that “For Every Student There Is A Teacher”. This means that learning and understanding the ways of the Kabbalah provides lessons that last forever, and these lessons will provide a stronger more productive lifestyle for those who follow the Kabbalah. The Kabbalah Centre also provides access to its multiple distance learning courses via Kabbalah online. The Kabbalah Centre currently reaches 70 countries, which provides in depth study opportunities around the world. The Kabbalah Centre is committed to excellence in teaching methods and standards qualified by the traditional Kabbalah ways.

The Kabbalah Centre volunteer program provides volunteer opportunities for students around the globe and furthers the message of the Kabbalah. As a volunteer you can see first hand the connection that is created with communities and individuals. As a volunteer you can also further the message of Kabbalah and explain that sharing is the meaning of life. As a volunteer you will meet others who are passionate about the teachings of the Kabbalah and create relationships that last a lifetime. Spreading the word of the Kabbalah is one of the most important jobs one can have when at the Kabbalah Centre. The Kabbalah Centre focuses on finding your life purpose through activities, workshops, and lectures. Finding inner peace is not easy and the Kabbalah Centre focuses on individuals seeking that peace. The Kabbalah Centre strives to educate individuals who are wanting more out of life. Understanding the teachings of the Kabbalah can provide a person with a care-free life, and a life that is full of love, passion, and understanding. Visit to learn more.

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