Transport infrastructure is key to development in any country. Transportation creates accessibility which bridges many opportunities to people who could not access these opportunities. Transport infrastructure has developed different cities in ways that no one would imagine. Many underdeveloped nations lack transport infrastructure.

This makes them unexploited. The presence of infrastructure in a town attracts development because different investors begin to develop a keen interest in the areas where there was no development. It also exposes the natives of the city and enables them to access opportunities that were unavailable due to lack of transport infrastructure.

The transport infrastructure that is of high quality such as electric trains develop the economies of a country and enable the country to achieve its potential. A faster mode of transport is much the better since it makes the affordability of business raw materials easier.

This attracts the willing entrepreneurs to invest in opportunities that were absent without the transportation infrastructure. The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority (CTRMA) is a body that facilitates ease in mobility in Texas. This organization has developed Texas by enabling accessibility in the city.

CTRMA has reduced congestion in the city. This has made it a secure city. There are opportunities for crimes such as high jacking and smuggling if a city is congested. The city is only secure and safe when people have a private space while walking.

CTRMA ensures that other cities are free from congestion through its leaders. Mike Heiligenstein leads CTRMA. Mike is an individual who has exceptional knowledge and skills in transport. He has worked on different boards and interacted with various people who have helped him to sharpen his skills in mobility.

Mike is a competent leader who develops his juniors. His open-minded approach towards things is evident because he collaborates with different stakeholders in the transport industry. Learn more about Mike Heiligenstein:

He recently concurred with some of the new solutions that improve transport such Uber and challenged people to create important ideas towards creating mobility in different cities. Mikes is the President of International Bridge, Tunnel, and Turnpike Association.

The body is in charge of increasing the transport solutions for people and commodities so that individuals are exposed to opportunities, and the cities are exploited. According to Biz Journals, Mike Heiligenstein said that pedestrian’s rights should be observed so that there is harmony between the drivers and pedestrians on the roads.

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