Sujit Choudhry on constitutional changes

Sujit Choudhry is director of the Centre for the constitutional transition. On the 10th of July in Kiev, a team of experts sat to discuss the semi-presidential system of the Ukraine government. Sujit mentioned that it was his privilege to be in the midst of experts. He went ahead and mentioned that democratization in Ukraine […]

Sujit Choudhry Helps Emerging Democracies to come up with Ideal Constitutions

Sujit Choudhry has leveraged his outstanding expertise in comparative constitutional law to help many countries to shift from dictatorial to democratic leadership. He advocates for leadership that adheres to the rule of law and respects the will of the citizens. He furthers his agenda through the Center of Constitutional Transitions. What drove Sujit to create […]

Sujit Choudhry and his Contribution to the Ukrainian Constitution

Mr. Sujit Choudhry is known worldwide for his expertise in the field of constitution making as he is one of the leaders in constitutional and comparative constitutional law. Mr. Sujit Choudhry developed a passion for the law from a very early age. He pursued his higher education in the field in three countries that had […]