Securus Technologies is This Year’s Top Company for Customer Service

There are quite a number of companies whose core business is providing civil and criminal justice solutions. They provide services such as incident management, emergency response, biometric analysis, public information, information management, product and services monitoring, and communication among other services focused on making our world a much safer place to live in. Unfortunately, not […]

ClassDojo Undertakes a Mission to Upgrade ClassDojo and Optimize Learning Experience

In line with its mission of modifying and improving the learning experience that ClassDojo offers, the company has collected $21 million in yet another Series B funding. By allowing proper flow of information on a daily basis and throughout the year, parents are acquainted with the behavior and experiences of their children. Therefore, the parents […]

Securus Video Visitation is Safer, Secure, and Cost Effective.

Securus Technologies is at the forefront of delivering civil and criminal justice with technology solutions. The technology solutions are critical in enabling public safety, corrections, monitoring, and investigation. Securus new video visitation will help inmates in different facilities get in touch with their loved ones. Securus Video Visitation, indeed, is a new way to connect […]

Talk Fusion Does Not Intend to Slow its Video Innovative Products

As direct selling industry is growing at an astronomical rate, Talk Fusion has embarked on changing lives. The company is providing millions of people worldwide with innovative products. Through its unique combination of video communication product, outstanding support service, and remarkable branding Talk Fusion products are positioned as the best tools concerning online video marketing […]