How to Make it Big in Litigation: Tips from Karl Heideck

There are many lawyers in the United States alone. He is a litigation attorney who practices in Philadelphia. He is a law graduate from the Temple University Beasley School of Law, where he got his JD. He also completed his degree in English and Literature from Swarthmore University. His career spans over 10 years and […]

ClassDojo Undertakes a Mission to Upgrade ClassDojo and Optimize Learning Experience

In line with its mission of modifying and improving the learning experience that ClassDojo offers, the company has collected $21 million in yet another Series B funding. By allowing proper flow of information on a daily basis and throughout the year, parents are acquainted with the behavior and experiences of their children. Therefore, the parents […]

ClassDojo Uses Critters To Help People Learn About Growth Mindsets

So many teachers are so happy about the convincing study the Stanford psychology professor Carol Dweck discovered on the power of a growing mindset so as to change the students view of themselves as learners. He discovered that when children receive a message that their brain are flexible and the abilities can be established and […]

Skout Provides a Current Day Pen Pal Experience for Users

Several decades ago pen pals were a big concept. In the 80’s, long before the insanely popular success of the super information highway, there were dozens of magazines that had ads for pen pals.  Some people would eventually meet in person after years of corresponding back and forth through written letters. As time progressed, it […]