Specialization is a huge part of what makes advances in the medical field possible. By focusing on one aspect of what is needed organizations, such as the Capitol Anesthesiology Association (CAA), can provide superior anesthesiology. They have been specializing in anesthesiology since 1973, and are one of the biggest associations in the nation.

All physicians are required to obtain certification by the American Board of Anesthesiology. Many then go on to advance training specializing in areas such as cardiothoracic, obstetric, and pediatric anesthesia. CAA services trauma centers, hospitals and ambulatory surgery facilities.

If you have ever had a friend or loved one needing emergency medical care you know how vital it is that the anesthesia is administered in a timely efficient manner focusing on the needs of the patient. The CRNAs on staff at CAA are specialized in aiding the anesthesiologists to make the patient feel as comfortable and secure as they can.

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