According to Cancer Treatment Centers of America has implemented a technical, custom clinical decision-making support for their patients.

With the co-action of NantHealth’s support solutions and Allscripts electronic health records system, CTCA treatment platform helps oncologists determine the best treatment options and care for a given patient.

Clinical Pathways Program, as it is referred to, will help to lessen the guesswork by the practitioner by presenting current and effective customized treatment options. With this new integrated system the clinical teams will be able to:

Prescribe a treatment plan with confidence
Gain quicker approval from insurance companies by providing the insurance company with the necessary documented data.
Discuss with their patients the various treatment options available to them.

In addition, the eviti NantHealth’s support solution and the Allscripts health records system combined within the Clinical Pathways Program at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America will help to improve the quality of care for patients. Moreover, communications between the key staff in the process of making the initial prognosis to the treatment regimen for the patient will be streamlined.

Currently, all five Cancer Treatment Centers in the US are up and running with the new Clinical Pathways Program.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America, with hospitals in Chicago, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Atlanta and Tulsa, treat different adult cancers. They use genomic testing (testing of changes in chromosomes, genes, or proteins), surgery, radiation, immunotherapy, chemotherapy, and support therapy.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America give their patients and family members not only information, but also gives them a voice in the treatment options. Cancer Treatment Centers of America is based in Boca Raton, Florida.

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