Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) and Clinical Pathways

According to the article recap, CTCA (Cancer Treatment Centers of America) partnered with NantHealth and Allscripts to launch Clinical Pathways, which is more of a custom and comprehensive oncology treatment platform. The platform presents all of the appropriate and suitable treatment options to patients. Doctors can use it to eliminate the possibility of guesswork during […]

Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority: Enabling Ease Mobility

Transport infrastructure is key to development in any country. Transportation creates accessibility which bridges many opportunities to people who could not access these opportunities. Transport infrastructure has developed different cities in ways that no one would imagine. Many underdeveloped nations lack transport infrastructure. This makes them unexploited. The presence of infrastructure in a town attracts […]

Securus Technologies is This Year’s Top Company for Customer Service

There are quite a number of companies whose core business is providing civil and criminal justice solutions. They provide services such as incident management, emergency response, biometric analysis, public information, information management, product and services monitoring, and communication among other services focused on making our world a much safer place to live in. Unfortunately, not […]

Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions on Retirement

Richard Blair started Wealth Solutions in Austin, Texas, in 1994. The principles behind the company come from his mother and grandmother who were both schoolteachers. It is Richard’s goal to help clients bridge the gap between preparing for and living in retirement. Richard builds his relationship with each client based on three pillars. The first […]

Why USHEALTH Group Inc is lucky to have Troy McQuagge under its roof

Troy McQuagge is one individual who has proven to the world that the fruits of hard work are so sweet. This is because; Troy was recently identified as the Chief Executive Officer of the Year in the Gold category during the One Planet Award. It is one thing to offer your service to people while […]

Benefits Of USHEALTH Group Family Insurance Services

Every person seeks to have quality healthcare. However, high-quality health care services are expensive and usually beyond the reach of many families. It is this reason that has caused USHEALTH Group to come up with some of most innovative healthcare plans in the industry. The tailored programs aim at providing families with affordable medical services. […]