In 1992 J.R. Ridinger along with his wife Loren Ridinger founded Market America in the living room of their 1,500 square foot home. Today, the company is known internationally in places such as Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Canada and the United Kingdom. After reaching over $7 billion in retail sales, the company has become unbeatable by competitors and continues to far exceed the humble beginnings of a four-bedroom home. However, through all the success, the actions by the company have made a clear and unmistakable path to take others on the journey. With 180,000 Unfranchise owners internationally based and distributing almost $3 billion in commissions on retail sales, Market America has more than shared the achievements as well as the profits.

Market America has sold over 50 million products and services using an innovative business model that uses the influence of the internet very effectively. The proprietary business model is also based upon partnership agreements that are in alignment with J.R. Ridinger’s “can do” mindset. He encourages all partners, distributors and employees to tap into an attitude that is based on reaching for their highest potential and not settling for mediocre. J.R Ridinger wants people to succeed and he means it. The company has had the privilege of honoring 300 partners who have reached the millionaire benchmark.

Earlier this year, the company celebrated its 25 year history. Considering how Market America began, it’s an outstanding achievement to have reached the level of success that has continued to grow each year. The product lines continue to be unique to other online retail operations that customers are definitely appreciating, and independent partners are continuing to raise the bar with growth opportunities that are supported and encouraged by Market America.

Loren’s cosmetic line “Motives” which she personally developed has continued to show increased interest with customers. She recently collaborated with Lala Anthony, actress from the network series POWER on Starz. Available through, the cosmetic line also offers customers a skin care analysis which is just one of many successful ways that Market America is reinventing the online retail experience for customers.

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