The interior designs created by Richard Mishaan have been described as everything from sophisticated and chic to dynamic. In fact, his designs have created such a stir in celebrity circles he has had the distinction of being featured in several design-oriented magazines including Elle Decor. Mr. Mishaan had the rare privilege of working on high-end projects right from the start of his career. This provided him with the type of insight he needed to draw upon when creating interiors for both residential and commercial buildings. He incorporates elements that not only create visually appealing designs, they also relate to the people who view them and more information click here.

The unique style of a Richard Mishaan design could be partly attributed to the multicultural background this designer has. Although he was born and raised in Columbia, he also has his heritage in Italy. He began to appreciate the style of architectural design at a very early age. As an adult his passion for design led him to enroll in the Columbia School of Architecture. After graduating from that university he went on to attend the University of New York from which he obtained his Bachelor’s degree and learn more about Richard Mishaan Design.

The awe-inspiring interiors of Richard Mishaan can be seen in such prestigious environments as the Trump Towers and the St. Regis Hotel. The eclectic collection of items that go into a Richard Mishaan creation often encompass elements from different periods of time. He is not afraid to blend the traditional with the modern. He also takes time to find the little extras that bring a room together. He often accomplishes this through the use of works of art that could range from paintings from renowned masters to sculptures from more modern artists. Rather than reflect the period they are created in, his designs are intended to surpass the boundaries of time and Richard’s lacrosse camp.

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