Michael Zomber’s life has been devoted to the preservation of historical artifacts. His calling in life revolves around curating history and safeguarding it for future generations. Working in close partnership with like-minded individuals, he has succeeded to amass a collection of antique arms, armor and antique swords from Japan. He often lends out his collectors’ items to leading museums.


Michael has done a lot of work for the Historian Channel as a contributor, most of which is available to view on YouTube. He’s skilled as a storyteller and has a penchant for words. His profound understanding of the Samurai history, culture and warfare has transformed him into one of the most revered authority figures on this topic, in the Western world. On the show, he talks about the various weapons used and the contribution they had in the different battles.


Zomber the Peace Activist


Working with guns and other forms of weapons caused Michael Zomber to realize the horrors of war. He is all too well aware of the consequences of conflicts. It is for this particular reason that he decided to support NGO’s which deal with promoting and advocating for peace. NGO’s like UNICEF, Doctors Without Borders, Amnesty International and Global Exchange.


Jesus and the Samurai


Together with the wife, they have launched several projects, most notable of them being the launch of a film production company Renascent Films. Michael’s forte lies in analyzing history from the sixteenth to the nineteenth century. His areas of interests are not only with the Japanese Samurai, but he also studies European, Islamic and American arms history, according to the information shared on his Crunch Base profile.


About Michael Zomber


Zomber was born and raised in Washington. The historian currently lives outside Philadelphia with his wife and their two children. He’s an alumnus of UCLA. He attained a bachelor’s degree in English Literature. He graduated with honors. He also has a master’s degree in English Literature from the same university.  All of these credits are available on CrunchBase, including his full professional history.


Michael is a published writer and playwright. Over the years, Michael has written a good number of fiction and non-fiction books. Books like Shogun Iemitsu and Jesus and the Samurai, Sweet Betsy That’s Me: A Child of the Civil War, all for sale on Amazon.com.

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