Sujit Choudhry Is Working With Other Thought Leaders To Assist Democracies In Transition

Sujit Choudhry recently met up with known constitutional experts in Kieve to talk about the Ukrainian government and the constitutional issues it is working out. He appreciated to be able to work directly with experts in the field including Electorate Assistance and the International Institute for Democracy. He also pointed out that the Ukrainian President’s […]

George Soros Resolving to End the Capitalist Threat in Society

The voice of the everyday people, it seems, is not heard by the government these days. It is for this reason why so many political contributors who have a vision for a better and brighter future for the next generations are trying their best to make a positive difference in the society through their wealth […]

Whitney Wolfe Pushes App Developers to Make Better Social Media Apps

Whitney Wolfe is the entrepreneur that has managed to bring everything together when it comes to dating apps that can transition into friendship or networking apps. It may be hard for people to believe, but Whitney Wolfe has found a way to bring all of these different app environments together. She wanted to make sure […]

Achievement by Market America Exceeds Normal Expectations As Home Based Startup Company

In 1992 J.R. Ridinger along with his wife Loren Ridinger founded Market America in the living room of their 1,500 square foot home. Today, the company is known internationally in places such as Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Canada and the United Kingdom. After reaching over $7 billion in retail sales, the company has become unbeatable […]