Venezuela’s Deteriorating Economy Results in Sell of Gold Reserves

The recent economic crisis overtaking Venezuela has resulted in the sell off of 1.7 billion dollars worth of its gold reserves according to a Dateas report. This move comes as persistent conditions of food shortages, economic collapse, and political conflict continue to plague the nation. As the value of Venezuela’s gold reserves recently plummeted to […]

Apps For Finding Dates And Friends

It can be difficult to find a date or friends. Many of us are busy with jobs. When we are done with our workday we are tired and hungry. Right after work we will make or order something for dinner, then spend the rest of the night in front of the television. Some of us […]

How Does Image Recognition Software Work?

Image recognition software like Slyce is working well for everyone because it is helping them make sure that they are going to find the exact things they are looking for without making you worry about how long it is going to take. There are a lot of people who are going to want to get […]

Shaygan Kheradpir Is a True Innovator

The story of how Shaygan Kheradpir became a success in the technology industry is a compelling one. He spent his early years growing up in the country of Iran. He showed no interest in technology during this time. His father wanted to make sure that he was given the opportunities in life that a great […]

Skout Provides a Current Day Pen Pal Experience for Users

Several decades ago pen pals were a big concept. In the 80’s, long before the insanely popular success of the super information highway, there were dozens of magazines that had ads for pen pals. People would write letters, introduce themselves to other people in different states and other countries. Some people would eventually meet in […]

Eric Pulier: Jack of all Trades

Eric Pulier is a popular figure in LA, California and around the USA. He is a man of many abilities since he is a good author and also a wonderful business man. He is also known for his many projects to give back to society. Pulier grew up in Teaneck in the state of New […]

Dynamics Search Partners and Keith Mann’s Unusual Expertise in Executive Management

Dynamics Search Partners is a hedge fund and private equities company based in New York. They believe in forming strategic relationships with their clients in order to show that their mission is clear and robust to both their clients and the public market. They believe in helping their clients all throughout their search process by […]

Spring Cleaning is Quite Handy

Spring cleaning is a the complete and thorough cleaning of a place especially done traditionally in the spring of the year. However, spring cleaning can also be used to describe the act of giving a place a complete cleaning. It can also be used to mean cleaning all of a place, most likely your house, […]

Right Leadership skills as exemplified at Highland Capital Management

James Dondero is a well known active participant in the equity and credit markets. He co-founded the company where he currently serves as the president, and he offers his advisory services. Highlands Capital Management was founded in 1993, and it is becoming a well-known brand. He is also involved in various activities in regards to […]