The Traveling Vineyard is a company that allows people to have a great winery experience right in their homes through their independent consultants. This experience is available in over 40 states and is headquartered in Massachusetts and has many winery operations in the west.

The company have 21 different varieties of wine in different categories. They also have quality wine accessories such as wine openers, chillers, decanters and many more. The mission of the company is to allow people share their enthusiasm for wine with as many people as possible. They offer people an exciting and lucrative work at home opportunity and have helped many people make a living out of this very unusual idea.

For those looking to become a wine guide for the Traveling Vineyard, all they need to do is to have a passion for wine and pay joining fees of $174 to join their team. Once you pay the fees, you will receive a success kit of beginners and your two tasting sets. Once you start to understand more about the company and how it works, you can explore many other money making opportunities within the company. The only things that the company needs from their consultants are that they are good at socializing and market the products well.

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The best thing about becoming a consultant with the Traveling Vineyard is that there is no upper limit to a number of commissions that you can make with every sale. The commissions on their products range from anywhere between 15 to 35 percent depending on the volume of sale. The payment schedule is also flexible and is made three times in a month. There are many other ways in which you can earn money as a consultant. You can recruit more experts and receive commission and also get unspecified commissions for making bulk sales. You also get twenty percent off on all of your wine purchased from the company, and all expense paid trips for reaching sets milestones.

There are many reasons why Traveling Vineyard has been so successful which is relevant from their significant social media presence and the many positive reviews that the company’s experts. For people looking for a work from home opportunity or want to earn extra few dollars, this is a great opportunity. Since wine is a consumable product, the experts find it easier to receive reorders and make their job much easier. No monthly quota needs to be met allowing the experts to work at their own pace. Becoming a consultant with the Traveling Vineyard requires small capital to start with unlimited earning opportunities.

History has been part of understood as the study of events and how they unfolding for the years. Through history, we are able to understand how many things evolved into what we understand in the recent years. As such, it is important to preserve history for future use. This has necessitated the development of different careers that have been helping people understand the nature of our past events. Michael Zomber is a leading historian who has invested a lot of resources in studying and preserving historical artifacts. His love for history has contributed positively in the collection and preservation weaponry that was used in ancient wars.

He has been collecting arms for over forty years thus culminating positively in the study of history. The weaponry collected is sold to people who understand the quality and worth of each armor that was used in the historical time. This has earned him respect among Americans making deputes in many organizations and television as a guest to talk about history. In addition, he has also taken key interest in the Japanese sword and has been termed as an authority in providing information pertaining to the swords. This has been necessitated by the good understanding of history and the love of historical artifacts.

Michael Zomber was born in Washington D.C. and moved to Philadelphia where he has been residing with his family. He holds a bachelor’s degree in English literature and psychology and a master’s degree in the same field. This has been his breaking point into understanding how history evolved through reading different types of artifacts.

Due to his knowledge of the ancient history, he has been invited by many international non-governmental organizations to give talks on issues pertaining to conflict resolution. For instance, he has worked with Amnesty international and UNICEF across the world. This has also increased his earning in the global market putting him among the most notable personalities of all times. Michael Zomber has authored many books about history and has been termed as one of the best story tellers. He has also developed interest in the film industry and has produced many movies with his wife.

During the 21st Annual Luncheon for Texas Trailblazer Awards, James Dondero, the CEO and Founder of Highland Capital Management announced that they would be donating $1 million to the campaign for the Family Place to raise $2.8 million.



The Family Place is a provider for shelter and other services to the victims of domestic violence. This non-profit organization is based in Texas and they are about the largest in the state. Since the inception of this agency, in the year 1978, they have been helping victims of violence recover. They actively advocate for prevention of violence and intervene where they can. They have a hotline where anybody who need their help can call at any time. They have a staggering record of victims that they have housed, counseled or helped in any other way.



Last year, the agency was privileged to have James Dondero as one of their guests, during their annual luncheon that was held at Hilton Anatole. During the event, Dondero pledged $1 million to go towards the Legacy Campaign. Dondero said that his firm, Highland Capital Management would be donating half of any amount raised by the agency, up to $1 million. This was a challenge for the agency to be even more determined in raising the remaining amount of the $16.5 million required.



Money raised from this campaign will go towards building a new shelter. The shelter is to hold about 2,000 victims and all their operations. It is estimated that the shelter will also provide education against cyber bullying and teen violence to more than 6,000 teens each year.



About James Dondero


James Dondero is a renowned businessman, entrepreneur and philanthropist. He is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Highlands Capital. He also serves on the board of directors of Nexbank as their chairman.



Other than donating $1 million to the Legacy Campaign and helping improve security for more violence victims, Dondero is known to be short of giving. He recently teamed up with Linda Owen. Together they plan on contributing to various charitable activities based in Texas.



RYTHM Foundation has made an impact in the needy areas of Malaysia and across Asian borders through its philanthropic endeavors, and proud to lead the way of this foundation is Vijay Eswaran, the co-founder of QI Group. Vijay Eswaran certainly wanted QI Group to be a success when he founded it, but he also wanted it to be a tool for giving back to the Asian Community. Eswaran’s work through RYTHM Foundation and the establishment of a sister group, Vijayratnam Foundation has earned him recognition as one of Forbes Asia’s 2011 Heroes of Philanthropy. Making contributions to his community and promoting a culture of ethics and responsibility are principles he’s been inspired by that Mahatma Gandhi held. Eswaran has studied Gandhi’s work on and has spoken about it at various gatherings.

Vijay Eswaran was an entrepreneurial-minded young man growing up and he learned a lot from his father who worked for Malaysia’s Ministry of Labor. He learned from some of the world’s most renowned professors at the London School of Economics where he got his bachelor’s in Socio-economics in 1984. He spent a little time raising money through performing odd jobs at various European businesses, but then came to the US where he got his MBA at Southern Illinois University.

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Eswaran’s career as a multilevel marketing businessman started in the mid 1990s when he joined the Cosway Group’s direct selling branch in Malaysia. Together with Joseph Bismarck, he started QI Group Ltd in 1998 and built several subsidiary companies. QNet is QI Group’s primary sales and profits company on YouTube that sells jewelry, household tools, health and beauty products, and vacation deals to customers who can then resell them. QI Group also owns several magnificent vacation resorts and real estate investments, as well as financing and loan companies through QI Asset Management, and they also have logistical chains through Quex Courier.

Vijay Eswaran is a member of the World Economic Forum and India’s sixth Pravasi Bharatiya Divas. He practices spiritual rituals and various Vedic traditions and writes about them in his books In The Sphere of Silence and 18 Stepping Stones. He is also married to Umayal Eswaran who is a co-Chair on his philanthropy group.

The desire for success burns hot in many people. Everyone wants to win but very few actually the obtain the goal of their dreams. Adam Milstein is not the type to let an idea linger as a fantasy. He believes in putting action behind a positive thought and seeing it through to its fullest potential. There are many obstacles that come between a person and their purpose. That is why it is important to be assertive and take care of things with a hands-on approach.

Adam Milstein is a real estate investor who had his humble beginnings in Israel. He learned the tricks of the trade from his father. Adam’s father was a real estate developer and the two of them worked together on projects. However, Adam had aspirations for higher education. He eventually moved to California with his wife and two children. Adam obtained a master’s degree from the University of Southern California and ventured out on his own as a real estate broker. Before long Adam was making sound business decisions and having great success in his new-found industry.

Patience and persistence would pave the way for Adam Milstein. The real estate industry requires a great deal of time to turnover profits. Adam’s vision allowed him to be confident in the decisions he was making with his company. He took pride in handling his own business whenever he could. Delegating assignments only happened when it was absolutely necessary. This allowed Adam Milstein to gain the experience and industry knowledge necessary to reach the highest levels of business.

Adam Milstein’s passion for real estate is only matched by his commitment to philanthropy. He is deeply involved with individual development within the Jewish community. The Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation was founded in order to support social causes. The organization is managed in the same manner that Adam’s real estate company is managed. There is attention to every detail. Adam believes that it is important to know how each person is benefiting from the programs that the organization provides. Each aspect of the foundation is carefully monitored in order to keep important issues from slipping through the cracks.


A new age calls for new flavors. Today, people know that old flavors don’t work for them. They are not content with tired old snacks. They want snacks that offer appeal and use the world of global flavors to create something new and exciting. This is a fact that those Green Park Brand have come to recognize. They know that today’s gourmets are ever in search of new ideas on the culinary scene.

They also know that today’s health conscious consumers are also in search of ways to get their desire for flavor filled without being too filling. This is why Livio Bisterzo has helped push his team of flavor lovers to new heights. He and his highly qualified team of business people have taken the time to investigate flavor profiles and discover how to apply them to entirely new and entirely appealing new snack.

Hippeas Bursts With Flavor

Snacking needs to be done carefully as most people today know. People often lack the time to spend snacking. They need to have a snack that delivers and delivers quickly. This is where Hippeas steps up. These low calorie snacks are easy to consume in any environment for a fast burst of deliciousness that can be eaten quickly.

Each light and crunchy snack is just right when someone wants to eat something that has a kick but won’t weight them down. Each new flavor has been carefully crafted to take advantage of modern flavors that are all natural. Cumin and tomato come to the forefront along with other flavors like vegan cheese that is light and yet still calls to mind the glorious complexities of cheese at each bite.

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Loving His Work

Livio Bisterzo is the founder of Green Park Brands and the mastermind behind Hippeas. As a global citizen, he draws on his own background. Having grown up in Italy, attended college in the United Kingdom and then settled in the United States, Livio knows that today is all about being part of a global community.

Livio Bisterzo’s efforts have been all about creating companies that offer value for clients all over the world. This is one of Livio Bisterzo’s many business ventures as an entrepreneur where he hopes to offer special ideas that are about pushing the edge of the envelop and providing new ideas that are just right for any setting. He hopes to continue to expand the work of Hippeas.

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Wessex Institute of Technology issues five high quality scientific journals, with plans to produce two more in 2017. These journals are intended to contain several noteworthy papers that that were made recently. They are a great resource to keep up to date on the state of the art for each given field.

The five current Wessex Institute of Technology journals are: “Sustainable Development and Planning”, “Design & Nature and Ecodynamics”, “Safety and Security Engineering”, and “Computational Methods and Experimental Measurements”. Along with that are the two new journals: “Transport Development and Integration” and “Heritage Architecture”. These journals are available in print edition or from their eLibrary. It is quite common for the eLibrary editions to be available for free download.

Although these papers are intended for those in the field, and as such have a steep learning curve, anyone can read them to follow along with the developments that are taking place. This is a great resource for anyone to improve their knowledge of the world.


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A primer means that your face isn’t going to slide off during the day, it also hides all your pores so that you’ll have smooth glowing skin, morning to night. Cushions are perfect for a relaxing day, plus they’re super easy to throw in your bag to touch-up. This one offers amazing coverage compared to other cushions. It’s definitely my go-to foundation type for lazy days.


Next, draw a naturally arched brow and fill it in. I like to draw a line above and below just to clean up the eyebrow outlines. Then I fill in the front very softly, if at all. Then I darken things toward the end. I like my brows to be a little bit thicker. I love the thick eyebrow look, it’s totally my thing. Then I lighten my brows with a brow mascara because my brows don’t match my crazy hair colors.


Using a brightening matte base, I apply wash all over my lids, from the brow to the bone, to brighten up all the skin over there. It instantly makes you look more awake. Now, take a matte top color and apply it to your crease, blending everything out so that you can just see it with your eyes open. All of you hooded-eye sisters like me, remember to apply this with your eyes open. Then extend the color out in a winged shape. You get a really beautiful contour.


Take a blending brush and blend out the edges. Then, line your upper lid with a medium matte brown along the lash line, extending slightly out. You want to apply it to the outer edges of your lashes as well, joining in the ends like a triangle. This really helps to define the edges of your eyes and make them look sharper.


Next, tight-line your upper lash line with a brown eyeliner pencil, extending out to the corners. But sometimes the eyeshadow by itself gives you enough definition. Now it’s time to curl your lashes and make your eyes pop!


The creation and operation of a successful fashion brand in the current business environment is largely dependent on a company’s or individual’s ability to attain an edge over its competitors. Amazon, for instance, is the market leader in the fashion industry with a 20 percent market share. A business that wants to overtake Amazon’s achievements must be prepared to do something completely different, and Kate Hudson’s Fabletics understands this only too well.


About Fabletics

Kate Hudson’s passion for inspiring and supporting women for living an active life led her to co-found Fabletics, alongside Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg, the co-CEOs of JustFab Inc. The trio launched Fabletics after identifying a gap in the active wear industry. In as much as there were many luxury brands, none of them provided a stylish and top-notch quality gear at affordable prices.


Founded in 2013, the brand’s mission is to create clothing that motivates wearers to stay active, irrespective of whether a person is participating in an ironman/woman competition, or sweating it out in the studio, or just chasing after children. The on-trend designs are not only high quality but also sold at an accessible price. Beyond the clothes, Fabletics fosters a community of individuals who embrace its mantra – ‘Live your Passion’ – every day of their lives. Every month, the mother of two, fashion tastemaker and iconic actress shares her favorite outfits. Therefore, you may rest assured that the clothes are Kate-approved.


Fabletics’ Competitive Strategies

Growing a business from scratch to a $250 million worth in just three years is no joke. The brand’s ability to take on Amazon is attributed to three important strategies.


Fabletics encourages the use of reverse showrooming. The commonplace showrooming allows customers to browse offline and then purchase cheaper items elsewhere. This approach is killing the majority of Fabletics’ competitors. A recent report by BI intelligence reveals that retailers have discovered the benefits of reverse showrooming, and it is now trending. Also known as webrooming, it is where consumers research products online and then goes to a bricks and mortar store to actualize their purchase.


Fabletics have managed to turn browsing into a positive experience, instead of the usual negative. While they could have chosen the pop-store path, their present strategy allows them to build relationships with their customers. Reverse showrooming also increases their reliability, and at the same time, presenting to them the opportunity to understand the local market much better through participation in organized events and activities. Approximately 30-50 percent of people who walk through the store’s door have already acquired membership, and another 25 percent apply for membership in the store. The presence of webrooming does not deny customers the opportunity to shop online. There is an option where items chosen go to the online shopping cart. Fabletics consider the retail option as just another element of service.


Other ways through which Fabletics compete entails a blend of global fashion trends and user preference data to increase satisfaction levels, as well as, emphasizing the focus on accessibility, people, and their culture.

Avi Weisfogel grew up in New Jersey where he began his career as a dentist at Old Bridge Dental Care in 1999. He got his DDS from the New York University and a degree in Biology and Psychology from Rutgers University. He is a recognized dentist and has won several awards for his outstanding services to the community. Avi started his exploration into the world of sleeping disorders in 2010 when he founded Healthy Heart Sleep, a company he used to open and manage sleep labs throughout the world. He has consulted with many sleep doctors over time and amassed extensive knowledge in the world of sleep disorders.


Avi Weisfogel uses his knowledge to identify and help out dental patients with sleeping disorders. In the year 2012, he founded Owner Unlimited Patient, a company that he uses to provide information on how to recognize Sleep Apnea in patients and how to help those patients get help. Sleep Apnea is a condition that disrupts an infected person’s breathing patterns during sleep. Avi Weisfogel started Dental Sleep Masters in 2014 which he uses to teach fellow dentists on ways to handle sleeping problems tied to dental health using oral appliances.


Operation Smile


Dr. Avi Weisfogel has a global charity program dubbed Operation smile. Operation Smile focusses on the provision of free surgeries to disadvantaged children in developing countries who have facial deformities and dental problems. Operation Smile has a team of volunteer doctors and medical staff from over eighty countries in the world and provides their services to patients in over sixty countries globally.


Operation Smile has seen massive growth in the number of volunteers and consequently the number of disadvantaged patients they have helped since inception. The program began in the Philippines where Dr. Weisfogel and Dr. William Magee (a plastic surgeon) and his wife Kathleen (a nurse) went to provide free surgeries to children with cleft palates and cleft lips. Dr. Avi Weisfogel has started a GoFund Me campaign to help him incorporate the diagnosis and treatment of Sleep Apnea in patients he helps under Operation Smile in his next visit to the Philippines.